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ACE Studio is certainly not a substitute for acting classes, but what we do offer is an in-depth series of workshops designed to help you start and/or advance your career from anywhere in the world and in the comfort of your own home. There are no materials or prior experience necessary to join the Studio! All we ask is that you enter the community with a desire to improve your acting skills and build a strong career as a working actor.

Absolutely! You do not need to live in a big city known for theatre or film production in order to start your acting career or be a successful actor. Because self-taping auditions have changed the nature of auditions and expanded casting opportunities, people from all over the world can submit for acting jobs online from wherever they live! The Studio provides video courses, Zoom sessions, and resources available online which can be accessed remotely.

If you do live in the United States, the Studio also has a nationwide Talent Agency Directory with lists of potential agencies for you to apply to based on the state you live in!

Dan will be hosting live Zoom meetings 2-4 times a month to answer questions and help members with things like their self-tapes, reels, or career advice. If you have general questions not answered by a video workshop, this is your time to get your questions answered. Scheduled Zoom meetings will be posted in our Zoom group with the date and time of each meeting. You will have the option to join the group and attend meetings at your convenience or leave the group if you would prefer to not be notified of the meetings. Your participation and attendance are entirely up to you. If you miss a meeting or are not able to attend a certain time or date, all our meetings are recorded and available for members to view in the Zoom group.

Dan Warner has taught several acting classes over the course of his career. Many of his current and past students are working actors looking to improve their technique or refresh their arsenal of useful tools to continue to succeed and book more work.

Since the business of acting is constantly evolving and the pandemic has dramatically changed the nature of auditioning, many new procedures were put into place in order to help everyone involved (agents, casting directors, showrunners, actors, etc) adapt to the new landscape. The Studio helps actors like you keep themselves updated on the latest methods so that they are always performing to the best of their ability. In addition, the Studio provides a network of likeminded individuals to encourage and inspire you so that you can move forward in your career confidently and with support.

There are over 50 video workshops in the Studio with more being added regularly. Some of the workshops are 4 to 5 minutes long, while others are as long as 30+ minutes. The duration of the video typically correlates with the complexity of the subject at hand.

Members may request new workshop videos to be added and Zoom meetings are recorded for all members to access at their convenience. We aim to make the Studio a place for actors to continue to learn and grow towards their goals consistently.

Acting Career Expert Studio is provides a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to becoming a working actor. Our video course is designed to be easily understood and easily accessed so that each student can improve their technique to the best of their ability. In addition, as Dan Warner continues to be a working actor, the video workshops are updated frequently to provide all students with the most relevant tips, tricks and information so that none of the advice received by a student is outdated. Whether you are a new or experienced actor, the Studio offers a great deal of potential to be unlocked.

ACE Studio is committed to continue to research and find better and easier ways to flatten the learning curve for actors and help them advance their careers. That said, we are continuing to provide new resources, workshops, and Zoom meetings to our members as well as any other feature(s) we come across that we feel will benefit this community.





(6 month course)