Dan Warner

Welcome to the Studio. My name is Dan Warner and I have been a film, television and commercial actor for over 20 years. I have had a fortunate career including being the face of a Fortune 500 company, a recurring role on several network shows, and starring in award winning films including one that was featured at the Cannes Film Festival. Over the course of my career, I encountered hundreds of industry professionals and tested dozens of techniques. I have had many successes, made many mistakes, and learned from both to acquire mastery of my craft. My success was half luck and half strategy. The luck I can’t deliver, but the course of action I followed I can share. Of course, there is no universal method to becoming a working actor, but there is an advantage to learning from someone with firsthand experience and you can rest assured you will be following the same tried-and-true formula as myself and other successful working actors. My goal here is to provide you with all the tools necessary for you to ACE YOUR NEXT AUDITION.

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